Our trommels are built on a strong support structure able to withstand the rotational rigors of the screening process. All drums are built from strong tensioned steel and built to withstand the most rigorous of screening requirements. Drums are mounted on steel support wheels and kept in position by main guiding wheels.
Driving wheels are steel and are fitted with taper roller type bearings. Guide wheels with polyurethane tyres are fitted at the discharge end of the equipment.
Further support and placement wheels are fitted at the discharge end of the equipment.
Trommels are typically fitted with twin geared units and speed is controlled via a single inverter giving flexibility in screening aggressiveness.

The air knife’s main function is to remove low value fractions from the material stream. Typically installed at a conveyor junction, the air knife consists of an input air volume channelled through an adjustable nozzle, working in conjunction with an extraction hood, all mounted inside a single enclosure. The air knife is employed to remove lightweight unpickable items such as paper, plastic and foil from the material stream. The input air creates a high velocity airstream through which the falling material has to travel. The lighter material fractions are blown or separated from the falling material and are captured by the extraction hood and conveyed away. The heavier material is unaffected by the incoming airstream and falls onto the conveyor below. Our air knife system can be adapted and applied to a wide variety of material streams including, domestic comingled recyclables and C&D recycling

Eddy current separators are designed to automatically separate and sort non-ferrous metals such as aluminium cans from a mixed materials waste stream. The separators work by utilizing a system of rare earth magnets. These magnets rotate at a high rate of speed to create what is called an “Eddy Field”. This field pushes non-ferrous metals away from the other items in the waste stream, making it very easy to separate them out.
The system can also be used to separate out the ferrous metals by functioning as a magnetic separator. This pulls the metals out under the eddy head and deposits them into a receiving hopper. Green Machine’s® eddy current separators are designed to be very durable and to withstand the many different applications and uses found in the recycling industry. They can be customized with a wide variety of different belt widths, and various magnetic strengths are also available. This allows us to tailor the system to virtually any need.

Overhead suspension magnets are designed to recover iron and ferrous components from the waste stream. They not only generate clean iron scrap for recycling but also protect crushers, mills and other mining processing equipment against wear and destruction.
An overhead suspension magnet is arranged above a feeding conveyor belt and extracts the ferromagnetic materials from the supply flow against the force of gravity. Self-cleaning magnetic separators have a circulating conveyor belt equipped with projections which removes the ferrous parts attracted by the magnets and allows them to fall into a separate container.
Self-cleaning overhead suspension magnets ensure efficient processes where there is an increased iron proportion in the supply flow.
Overhead and manual overhead suspension magnets are available according to size, application area and ambient conditions as a dry installation with active or passive air cooling or with active or passive oil cooling.

Green Eye® optical sorter recycling technology automatically identifies and sorts most recyclables offering clean commodity recovery reducing labour costs while increasing throughput.
Green Eye® identifies all recyclable materials using its patented Artificial Intelligent Hyper Spectral imaging system, which gathers information based on an objects molecular structure, like no other sorter!
Our quickly evolving technology is solving a multitude of industry material processing problems with efficiencies exceeding 94% at ever-increasing sort speeds.

The Green Eye® optical sorter is used in the following systems

GREEN SCREENS® are industry leaders in screening technology. Our OCC Disc Screens throughput is the highest in the industry, our cleanliness is best and our wrap resistant shafts saves loads on maintenance. The most important feature is that our disc spacing is adjustable so you determine the sorting outcomes you need. Both our discs and our spacers are removable and adjustable without removal of the shafts. Every individual screen zone has a minimum of two drives because “Horsepower Matters”. Each shaft operates progressively faster while overall disc speed is quickest in the industry. Alternating finger disc designs are deployed to enhance agitation when needed. Throughputs of between 18 – 60 TPH are attainable through our screen systems.

Our Glass Breaking/Fines Removal System is available in a variety of sizes. This screens are capable of removing glass through highly contaminated material streams. Our Fines Removal Screening Systems are capable of processing Mixed MSW and C&D Waste Streams. Our patented wrap resistant shafts enable a system to process highly contaminated waste without excessive shaft wrapping. Varieties of disc options are available which meet customers’ specific separation requirements..