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Waste Initiatives is an Australian owned & operated company with over four decades of expertise in supplying high quality and reliable waste management equipment to Australian and international clients.  Our comprehensive product range represents the latest waste technology available worldwide.

Accreditations & Associations

Our History

Waste Initiatives has built a reputation in the waste management industry for our extensive portfolio and established supply and support network. We are regarded as the holistic waste solution company, and we confidently manage common waste materials like cardboard, glass and plastic as well as more high-risk waste such as classified files and clinical waste. We also have solutions for explosive and reactive materials that require special processing technologies.

Our equipment is unrivalled in the industry, with the most comprehensive and diverse range possible. We consistently bring our clients advanced waste management technology, with the help of our international supply and distribution partners.

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On Time, On Budget, Beyond Expectation

Since our inception, we have put our clients first and foremost in everything we do. We excel in the design and supply of customised waste management and recycling systems and we have solidly established ourselves as a leader in this area. Our expert team’s years of experience in the waste management industry has meant we continue to grow, creating pioneering waste projects that have given us a range of clients both nationally and internationally.

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