Waste Initiatives’ shredders are heavy-duty machines designed for industrial applications and can be configured to efficiently process a wide range of materials, including: paper, cardboard, plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous metal and tyres.

Shredders in either high or low speed usually have a perforated screen which governs the final shredded product size by not allowing product through until it has been shredded small enough by the rotating cutters against the static cutter. Single shaft shredders are Top loading.

Shaft shear type shredders are almost always slow speed, with the product exiting the shredder almost entirely determined by the width of the cutters. Shear type Two shaft shredders come in Top loading and throughfeed format.

Single Shaft Shredders

High-volume shredders with sized output determined by perforated screen size. Often used in the plastic industry for in-house recycling through to waste processors shredding MSW and Waste-to-Energy plants. Rugged and reliable, these machines are available with high or low-speed configuration depending on processing material.

  • WasteQuip WT2260

    Compact Small E-Waste Shredder with hydraulic power pack, hardened steel blades, and customisable rotors for efficient electronics and document processing.

  • WasteQuip WT3080

    Single Shaft Shredder for shredding 500kgs/hour of recyclables, with three rotor options for materials like plastics, wood, and film waste.

  • WasteQuip WT40120

    Heavy Duty Shredder for 1200kgs/hour of tough materials, with a large chamber and optional vertical force-feeding ram.

  • WasteQuip WT4080

    Single Shaft Timber Shredder for sturdy metal waste, featuring a large opening, optional force-feeding ram, and shock absorbers for enhanced performance.

  • WasteQuip WT48200

    Industrial Waste Shredder for diverse recyclables, with efficient, rotatable cutters and customizable rotor options for economical operation.

Dual Shaft Shredders

Slow-speed shredders for heavy duty size reduction. Particle size determined by width of the cutters and output at undetermined lengths. Can be used in principle size-reduction application where output sizes are not critical – ideal applications include abbatoirs, tyres & E-scrap.

  • WasteQuip GL2140

    Compact Industrial Shredder for product destruction, shredding up to 400kg/hr, with customizable rotating screen and optional hydraulic pusher for efficiency.

  • WasteQuip GL2180

    Dual Shaft Shredder for E-Waste, plastics, timber, tyres, and MSW, with 20mm cutters and optional hydraulic drive for enhanced torque.

  • WasteQuip GL32120

    Industrial Tyre Shredder for recycling centers and production facilities, with customisable features like a hydraulic pusher and drive system for increased speed and throughput.

  • WasteQuip GL40130

    Large Car Bumper Shredder with two 45kW motors, thick cutters, and options for blade types and VSD for optimal shredding performance.

Four Shaft Shredders

Four Shaft shear type shredders have a perforated screen attached, which determines the product size exiting the shredder. The second two sets of cutters on the side shafts return any product unable to fit through the perforations in the screen back to the cutting chamber for reshredding. Product exiting a four shaft shredder is determined by the cutter width and the holes (perforations) in the screen. Four shaft shredders are fed vertically.

  • WasteQuip FS100120

    Powerful Four Shaft Industrial Shredder for tyre, timber, medical, and e-waste. Customizable blades, 1T/hr throughput.

  • WasteQuip FS10080

    Efficient Metal Shredder with smart cutter system to prevent jamming. Minimizes noise, high torque, customizable.

  • WasteQuip FS8080

    Innovative Four Shaft Shredder with multiple operations in one pass. Most cutters in FS range, customisable for effective waste processing.

Barclay Tyre Shredders

Barclay Tyre Shredders are designed to process high volumes of tyres with precision and reliability. With only basic maintenance required, less downtime, fewer replacements, and blades lasting up to 1 million tyres before sharpening, these machines ensure operational efficiencies that are unmatched by others and promise seamless operation and cost-effectiveness for your recycling needs.

  • Barclay Primary Tyre Shredder

    The Barclay Primary Tyre Shredder, a "workhorse" in tyre shredding equipment, efficiently processes whole tyres up to 72" in diameter into strips from 4.9" (124mm) up to 10" (254 mm) strips within seconds.

  • Barclay Secondary Tyre Shredder

    Barclay Secondary Tyre Shredder, in 3 models, reduces processed tyre material into 1.4”, 2”, and 3.6” chips, suitable for TDF production or granulating, ideal for primary shredder integration.

  • Barclay Classifier

    Barclay Classifier, adaptable to 2” (50 mm), 4” (100 mm) and 6" (150 mm) sizes, complements the Barclay shredders and conveyors for a complete tyre shredding system for your needs. This machine improves operational efficiency by ensuring only the rubber that requires further size reduction is reprocessed.

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    For over 40 years, Waste Initiatives' shredders have provided businesses across Australia with an efficient and cost-effective solution in some of the most demand shredding projects. Our shredders are heavy-duty machines designed for industrial applications to process a wide range of materials. Whatever the scale of your waste disposal, our commercial shredders can be configured to efficiently shred the paper, cardboard, plastic, ferrous, and non-ferrous metal to tyres.

    With proven reliability and top-notch performance, Waste Initiatives can customise our shredders to suit your disposal requirements. Our high and low-speed commercial shredders feature a perforated screen. This specialised screen governs the final shredded product size by not allowing the excess product to pass through until it has been cut small enough by its rotating cutters against the static cutter. Our industrial single shaft shredders are top loading, ideal to cut down and waste recycle materials from wood, rubber, and molding purgings.

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    Industrial Shredders: Our Products

    Industrial shredding is a fast, efficient, and cost-effective method of waste management for large-scale corporations and industries. Nowadays, they play a key component in waste management and recycling in today's disposal industries.

    At Waste Initiatives, we not only know about waste management, we know shredders. Our industrial shredders are designed to tackle any heavy duty shredding task. Because we manufacture our heavy-duty commercial shredders ourselves, we can customise our shredding products with special cutter arrangements, and amend high or low-speed settings for a more efficient processing output.

    From 1-shaft high-volume shredders to minimise plastic waste, slow-speed shredders for heavy-duty size reduction of E-scrap to our larger four-shaft shredders to process your tyres, timber and medical waste, each is specially maintained and customised by our experienced technicians to meet your shredding requirements. Our available shaft shear type shredders are almost always slow speed, with the product exiting the shredder determined by the customisable width of the cutters. Meanwhile, our available shear type two shaft shredders come in Top loading and through-feed format.

    The Benefits of Commercial Shredding

    • Shredded waste is easier to handle or re-use
    • Efficient waste disposal method
    • Encourages more effective sorting of recyclables
    • Quick, efficient and cost-effective
    • Reduces the volume of municipal solid waste
    • Increases the lifespan of landfills
    • Convert plastic waste into reusable raw materials
    • Recoup waste disposed from commercial units

    Rent Out Our Industrial Shredders

    If you’d like to acquire your waste recycling equipment with a cashflow-friendly finance option, we have commercial hire purchase plans available between two to five year terms. Find a rental shredding solution that suits your specific requirements.

    Learn more about our finance options. We have a range of finance and rental options to make sure we have a solution that will suit your requirements.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a shredder machine?

    A shredder machine is a device that can cut, crush or grind up materials like paper into shreds. Commercial shredder machines are heavy-duty machines, unlike smaller domestic models. On top of paper, they can handle industrial applications like shredding high volumes of cardboard, PVC pipe, wood, hard plastic, circuit boards, tyres, etc. These larger industrial shredders are renowned in the waste management and recycling industries for shredding plastics.

    How do industrial shredders work?

    1. Place the materials into the hopper (you can also opt for a force-feed system, such as a conveyor belt, force-feed ram or hydraulic pusher to automate this step).
    2. The spinning shafts will shred and break up the materials as it falls down.
    3. A rotating sizing screen helps ensure that aggregate is small, and if not, the particles return to the shafts to get grinded down again.
    4. The final shreds come out on the other side of the plastic shredder. Ready to be used or processed further in factory and warehouse applications.

    What type of shredder is suitable for me?

    Are you looking to process:
    • Cardboard (OCC),
    • Plastic Film,
    • PP Bags,
    • PVC Pipe,
    • Paper,
    • MSW/RDF,
    • Aluminium Cans,
    • Wood,
    • Plastic Drums,
    • Newsprint?
    Use a Single Shaft Shredder These machines are optimised for high volume shredding. They are a standard in the plastic industry (hence, plastic shredder). You can also select high or low-speed configurations, or different shaft configurations, to customise your industrial or waste recycling processing. Are you looking to process:
    • Secure Documents,
    • Circuit Boards,
    • Medical Waste,
    • Organic Waste,
    • Hard Plastics,
    • MSW/RDF,
    • Aluminium Cans,
    • Product Destruction,
    • Timber,
    • Bottles & Cans?
    Use a Four Shaft Shredder Optimum cross cut shredding in a single pass with low noise. Available in slow-speed configurations only. All Waste Initiatives industrial shredders are suitable to process a wide range of materials, are safe and easy to operate, and can be customised with a variety of sizing screens. This is the plastic shredder for harder types of plastic. For more personalised assistance, please contact us and we can recommend a customised shredding solution to meet your needs.

    How much does a shredding machine cost?

    Commercial shredders are priced in six digits and get progressively more expensive with the number of shafts included in the model. Single shaft shredders for plastic products, paper and cardboard can cost around $100,000. Tyre shredders, requiring four shafts, can cost up to around $400,000. We offer flexible finance and rental options to make these machines more affordable and easy to access for you. So that you can process recycling plastic, raw materials and solid waste as soon as possible.

    Are the shredders available for hire?

    Yes, all our plastic waste shredders are available for short term rentals, trials and long term leases. Learn more about our commercial shredder hire.

    How to maintain an industrial shredder?

    Besides keeping your facilities and your industrial plastic shredder clean here are some added tips you can follow to look after your machine:
    • Install a metal detector on your conveyor belt to detect metal that will block and damage your machine before it does.
    • Regularly oil your industrial shredder machine’s parts, and ensure good quality
    • Keep spare parts nearby for replacements.
    • Schedule a preventative maintenance plan or another type of servicing plan with technicians to prevent wear and tear from turning into greater damage.
    • Remember to properly train your workers so that they understand how to safely and efficiently handle the machine.