Waste Initiatives bring you the Eagle Tyre Debeader equipment. Designed for the removal of the bead wire prior to shredding, these machines are capable of pulling both beads from car, 4×4, truck right through to large OTR tyres (59/80R63), allowing for a cleaner end product and less wear on the moving parts of the shredder in a tyre recycling facility.

  • Eagle Tyre Debeader

    The Eagle Tyre Debeader efficiently removes both beads from car or truck tyres simultaneously. Extracting the bead wire before shredding ensures a more refined final product and reduces the wear on the shredder's components in the tyre recycling line. With its ability to effortlessly remove beads, the eagle tyre debeader compliments our tyre recycling equipment, making it is an ideal choice for tyre shredding facilities in Australia.

  • Eagle OTR Debeader

    The Eagle OTR Debeader, a cutting-edge solution for OTR tyre maintenance, effortlessly removes bead bundles across a wide range of sizes. Its patented design features hydraulically adjustable die plates and a hydraulic shear to ensure efficient and precise operation. With a built-in hydraulic crane and wireless remote control, operators can safely manage bead wires while maintaining superior maneuverability.

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    Eagle International

    Being the sole Australian distributor’s, Waste Initiatives are proud to bring you the latest in Eagle Tyre Recycling equipment.

    Eagle International are the leading manufacturer of quality US made tyre-recycling equipment built for businesses that aim to downsize tyres, including OTR tyres, and improve their tyre recycling operation.

    OTR mining tyres take up to 70% less space when downsized.The Eagle equipment is designed to deal with key challenges in handling such large material, proving to be valuable to integrating into tyre recycling operations and facilities. The Eagle range of equipment includes:

     Tyre Cutters

     Sidewall Cutters




     OTR System

    Why choose Waste Initiatives?

    Waste Initiatives has a long history of designing and building complete tyre recycling systems to maximise landfill diversion and reduce expensive contracted disposal costs for tyres. Our focus on preserving the environment as well as the customers profitability has seen us deliver a diverse portfolio of tyre recycling systems with our range of suppliers. Not only have some of these projects resulted in 100% landfill diversion, but they have also produced an income stream from that processed waste.

    Contact our team today to discuss your needs for tyre recycling systems and find out how we can help turn your waste into riches through solutions that are both economical and environmental.