Food Waste Digesters

The latest in food waste processing technology – diverting your food scraps from landfill and converting it to a liquid form suitable for discharge as grey water. Not only is this an environmentally-friendly alternative to landfill, but this technology has significant financial benefits with payback mostly well under 12 months.

Food Digesters

The latest in food waste processing technology, the aerobic ExBio Food Digesters Ex Series are an innovative solution, diverting your food scraps from landfill and converting it to a liquid form within 24 hours, for safe discharge as grey water.

These cutting-edge systems efficiently break down all organic food waste, converting plate scrapings, leftovers, meat, fish, bones, bread, dairy, and more into a convenient liquid form. Unlike anaerobic methods, our digesters use oxygen, select microorganisms, and warm water to process from as little as 25 kg to an impressive 10,000 kg of food waste daily (depending on the model), with minimal environmental impact.

The ExBio Food Digesters Ex Series range can manage food waste from residential, small to medium businesses, and larger commercial facilities to industrial-scale food processing plants. This solution not only provides an alternative for waste going to landfill but has significant financial benefits with payback mostly well under 12 months.

Aerobic Food Digestion Process

Decomposition Time (HRS)

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    Food Waste Digesters

    The latest food waste processing technology, ExBio food waste digesters, are an innovative solution to minimise food waste disposal and reduce carbon footprints. These state-of-the-art digesters divert food scraps from landfills and convert them into a liquid form suitable for discharge as grey water. By choosing ExBio food digesters, individuals not only opt for an environmentally friendly alternative to landfill but also gain significant financial benefits with fast payback times.

    Whether a mid-sized food digester for a restaurant or an industrial-sized digester for large quantities of food waste, these machines seamlessly integrate into businesses and meet specific waste management needs. ExBio food waste digesters are also available for commercial hire purchases. Join the sustainable revolution and contact us to learn more about our advanced food waste processing technology.

    Food waste digesters safely break down all organic food waste, cooked or uncooked from plate scrapings, left-over takeaway food, meat, fish, small bones, bread, dairy products, vegetable peelings and fruit, turning it into a liquid format.

    • Inside the hopper, rotating paddles mix the food waste as microorganisms actively break down organic material.
    • Organic waste is subject to high temperatures to kill any pathogens and bacteria in the organic waste.
    • The process is completed in 24 hours.
    • The organic product is reduced by 90%, with the remaining ten left as a bio-sterile end-product which is safe to be sent to the landfill or water systems.

    ExBio Food Waste Digesters
    Features & Benefits

    At Waste Initiatives, ExBio’s aerobic digesters can process anywhere from 25 – 10,000 kg of food waste per day with the help of oxygen, microorganisms and warm water to accelerate the process. Compared to anaerobic digesters that take longer and do not use oxygen to break down organic food matter, aerobic food digesters have a far lesser environmental impact.


    • Proprietary Aerobic Technology: ExBio Enzyme 159 Catalyst and Bio Star™ Accelerator
    • Stirring technology
    • Proprietary mixing pattern insures maximum oxygen contact with food & enzyme
    • Sealed shaft technology
    • Low power usage, single or 3 phase
    • Internal electrical inverters keep electric consumption super low
    • Safety & ease of use
    • Automatic timed enzyme dispenser. Refill quarterly
    • Plug and play simplicity; warm water in, waste water out
    • Precise temperature controlled environment for rapid and complete digestion
    • Drainage feature


    • Quick ROI: Return on Investment typically achieved in 1 – 3 years.
    • Cost Savings: Reduces labor and transport expenses.
    • Landfill Reduction: Decreases food waste disposal in traditional landfills.
    • Fast Transformation: Converts food waste into grey water within 24 hours.
    • Simple Operation: Safe and easy operation with minimal maintenance.
    • Continuous Feed: Waste fed continuously, no need to wait for batches.
    • Real-Time Monitoring: Monitors ingested and digested food quantity in real-time.
    • Odor Control: Minimises unpleasant odors.
    • Pest Prevention: Eliminates vermin and bugs.
    • Zero Solid Waste: No management is needed for solid waste output.
    • Broad Food Compatibility: Enzymes work effectively on all food groups.
    • Environmental Benefits: Reduces methane emissions and groundwater contamination.

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