Glass Crushers

At Waste Initiatives, we are the experts when it comes to effectively managing your glass waste to reduce your overall waste management costs. We have a range of machines to reduce your glass to cullet, safe-handling glass or all the way down to sand. This handy equipment simply and efficiently saves you time and money in waste disposal costs.

Bottle Crushers

Glass Pulverisers

  • GP Mini

    A convenient, easy-to-use system to reduce bottles to a safe-to-handle aggregate which can be reused in various applications.

  • GP-05

    Perfect for small recycling centres, the GP-05 glass pulveriser will take care of throughput volumes of up to 1T per hour. Suitable for small municipalities and islands, the GP-05 is our smallest complete crushing system producing a gravel & sand mix.

  • GPT-1

    Suitable for mid-sized recycling centres and MRFs processing 3-5T per hour of glass, the GPT-1 glass crusher deals with with mixed MRF glass and ensures highest glass recovery rates from post-sort residual fines. Typically configured with surge hopper, feed conveyor and sizing trommel for segregation of aggregate, sand and residue.

  • GP1-HD

    Designed for high-volume waste processors & glass recycling facilities the GP1-HD will process up to 10T per hour of glass waste. Built for high wear resistance and heavy-duty operation volumes the GP1-HD pulveriser is a reliable & durable solution constructed to last the distance.

Special-Purpose Pulverisers

  • CRT Processor

    An all-in-one CRT pulverising system secured with dust encapsulation system for E-Waste recycling.

  • Gyprock Reducer

    Why send plasterboard to landfill? The Gyprock Reducer not only saves you expensive disposal charges and taking up space in landfill, it also produces a saleable outfeed gypsum product that is ideal for use in agricultural applications as a soil improver.

  • Windshield Stripper

    An effective, powerful system that separates glass and laminate so value can be extracted from windshields.

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