Would Your Business Benefit Having a Waste Baler On-Site?

Waste is a

Constant Problem

If you stepped on the floor of your business or poked your head out to the areas away from customers’ view, you’d inevitably see various waste types. Cardboard, plastics, metals, rubber, glass, etc.

That’s because waste is a problem across all businesses. The biggest challenge often comes from keeping this waste to a minimum, with the potential for it to demand space or even become a hazard by simply missing one bin day.

The Material Causing the Largest Headache

In recent years, spurred on by the boom of the e-commerce industry, there is one waste in particular that has become a massive headache for most businesses – cardboard. Sure, it’s brilliant as a cheap answer to keeping your items protected during their transport. However, it’s flooding kitchens, offices and factories alike.

In fact, over 1.9 million tonnes of cardboard waste is generated annually, which also devastates the environment – with landfills struggling to contain the material without releasing detrimental emissions through decomposition and incineration.

Squashing the Problem

Fortunately, your business doesn’t need to compromise on space and how it operates to accommodate the overflow of cardboard and other materials.

Choosing which baler machine is best suited to your business is made easy with the help of our friendly and knowledgeable team. We have distributed and installed balers for thousands of companies across many industries, making us one of Australia’s most reputable experts in baler machinery.
If you relate to cardboard being one of the biggest waste problems in your business, don’t hesitate to contact our team to discuss your options.
If you’d first like to get a general background on the features balers provide before speaking to one of our baler experts, then you can read our comprehensive ‘Choosing A Cardboard Baler’ [link] guide. Here, you will also find a list of steps you’ll undertake while purchasing the baler, as well as following the sale to ensure the correct operation of the machine.

Waste Initiatives provides a range of balers designed to reduce the volume of this waste and convert it into transportable materials that can also be sold to recyclers.

Choosing the Baler that Best Suits Your Business Goals

The balers available from Waste Initiatives are WastePac machinery. These balers, as seen above, are available from a great variety of options. Primarily these options are split into vertical balers, and horizontal balers.

The differences between these balers and how they can benefit your business are essential to know, and you’ll find these differences listed below. You will also want to hear how these balers can be customised with special attachments to improve the efficiency of reducing your waste further. If this interests you, don’t wait; speak directly to a member of our team.

Vertical Balers

The machinery is suited to any business that handles a significant volume of cardboard, e-waste, cans, and plastics throughout its sales and services. Small businesses find them of value for their ability to quickly and easily bale waste when operated by just one person.

Cardboard and Plastic Vertical Balers – Smaller Options

Notably, the WastePac 40, WastePac 60 and WastePac 75 are the smallest waste balers in the WastePac range. This machinery handles smaller cardboard boxes, though they are also versatile enough to bale plastic materials like shrink wrap and plastic bottles. We recommend these balers to businesses with less space to operate, making them a fantastic option for garage forecourts, retail outlets, offices, small hospitality establishments, and businesses in bustling city locations.

The largest of these three described balers, the WastePac 75, carries the same footprint as the WastePac 60, and is equipped with a powerful hydraulic ram that exerts 3.5 tonnes of pressing force, compacting materials in just 24 seconds per cycle. With a noise level as low as 62 dB, this is a great option for smaller businesses that need to compact high volumes of cardboard and plastic waste, though they also need to be considerate of neighbouring businesses.

Cardboard and Plastic Vertical Balers – Larger Options

The larger series of vertical balers available are designated by the WastePac 100, WastePac 250 and WastePac 300 LH. Notably unique in the pressing force they compress bales at, ranging between 6, 16 and 20 tonnes respectively, these balers are popular amongst businesses with regular usage of cardboard and plastics – like larger retail and grocery stores, warehouses and manufacturers.

The WastePac 300 LH effortlessly compacts large boxes measuring 1.2 metres wide, 600mm high, and 800mm deep. Its impressive compression power also accepts e-waste, cans and LDPE film, transforming them into high-density bales weighing up to 300kg. Additionally, the built-in retaining claws effectively secure the waste products during the baling process.

Other Vertical Balers – Heavy Duty and Multi-Chamber Balers

Our variety of vertical balers doesn’t end there. Follow the link below to view the range of heavy duty WastePac balers, capable of baling challenging materials like tyres and rigid plastics, alongside the multi-chamber balers, equipped with multiple modular chambers to segregate and bale different materials at the source.

Horizontal Balers

These high-density units provide large-scale waste generators and recycling enterprises with an effective and reliable baling solution. They are split between the twin ram, semi-automatic and automatic options.

Horizontal Balers – Twin Ram

Exemplified by the TR120 model, these balers efficiently compact and bale even the most challenging materials, from whole wheelie bins to sheet metal extrusions. They are equipped with an impressive pressing force of 120T and a quick cycle time of 18-27 seconds.

Horizontal Balers – Semi-Automatic

Versatile and designed to strike a balance between automation and operator control, the semi-automatic balers are efficiently compact and bale various recyclable materials, such as cardboard, paper, plastics, and more. This machinery ranges between five models, and are customisable with many upgrades including a bin tipper for the in-feed.

Horizontal Balers – Automatic

Automatic horizontal balers are engineered for businesses and industries seeking an automated and efficient solution to handle large quantities of waste materials. Like the semi-automatic options, they are widely customisable to provide efficient solutions.

For more details on the horizontal balers mentioned, click through to our detailed product descriptions.

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