Tyre Recycling

Our range of equipment and complete systems provides everything you need to process tyres in-house. We are continuously developing this range and innovative equipment with our manufacturing partners. As a result, we have been able to maximise your ROI and provide a cost-effective system to set up your own plant in Australia.

Waste Initiatives provide an extensive & market leading range of Tyre Recycling equipment, turnkey systems & technologies sourced globally to help you to process and recycle tyres with minimal downtime & operator interaction to produce a consistent, quality product.

  • Patented Shredding & Separating Technologies and Turnkey Custom Designs for your specific requirements.
  • In-house design & fabrication of site-specific components.
  • Specialised systems available for All Tyre Sizes incl. car, 4×4, truck, OTR and mining tyres
  • Variety of output sizes and products for recycling & re-use such as Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF), Buffings, Tyre Crumb and Rubber Powder.

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