Trommel Screens

Zemmler trommel screens are a innovative solution for screening of waste, soil, aggregate etc. The unique Double Trommel system offers optimum throughput capacity and screening efficiencies.


    The ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 6700 is the biggest mobile screening machine in the range of product.


    The double trommel and the conveyor belts run in line with the proven diesel-hydraulic drive which is driven over a simple control panel. As option extended conveyor belts can be mounted to provide more flexibility during the removal of the material.v


    The ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 4200 is designed for middle and big companies with different fields of applications.


    The ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 3200 is developed based on the increasing demand of compact machine for small businesses, local community as well for landscape gardening.


    The ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 1600 is mainly designed for landscape gardening. Because of the compact measurements and the low weight, the double trommel screening machine can be pulled by pick-up van OR small truck.


    The ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 1000 expands the drum screening machine portfolio for gardening and landscaping with a further powerful professional machine.

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Trommel Screens

  • Process difficult materials, high-volumes of aggregate and mixed organic waste into revenue streams with the help of Waste Initiatives, Australia’s leading supplier of waste management systems for industries.

    We sell rental stationary trommel screens to process high-volume materials that conventional plants can’t handle to tracked trommel machines for optimal onsite maneuverability.

    Our waste management specialists have provided businesses with industrial trommel machines that are highly efficient in the separation and refinement of organic materials, including wood chips, top soil, compost, light demolition waste, domestic waste and aggregate. Each of our trommel screens are fit with rotating drums that roll large quantities of material to allow all fines to flow through the trommel screen plates.

  • As Australian businesses move towards more sustainable waste management practices, Waste Initiatives’ growing suite of waste recycling products gives you the opportunity to lead the way with the most innovative equipment available.

    Challenge us with your application and see why so many clients are putting their confidence in Waste Initiatives. Book a consultation today.

  • How does a trommel machine work?

    Trommel machines are a newer and more efficient type of screening equipment, consisting of a motor, reducer, roller, unit, frame, sealing cover, inlet and outlet. The outside is sealed with a sealing cage which prevents environmental pollution.

    The machine itself is fitted with a screen curved into a cylinder, which rotates at a certain speed to sort raw material as it’s fed through the opening. Materials are separated from the top to the bottom through the screening cylinder, with the fine end product discharged from the lower part of the front end.

  • Advantages of Trommel Screens for waste management

    Trommel machines are a useful tool to have at your disposal, as they can process and refine a variety of dry and wet raw materials with speed. As a waste management product, trommel screens can simultaneously recover valuable materials for future use, improve the recovery of fuel-derived solid waste and form end products for construction and gardening purposes. Other advantages of trommel machines include:

    • Wide adaptability of materials (including sand, gravel, soil, wood and more)

    • Simple, diverse feeding method

    • Optimal screening efficiency

    • Large processing capacity

    • Environmentally sustainable

    • Low consumption rate

    • Long service life

    • Low noise

    • Easy maintenance and repair