There has been a strong push in recent years – by both Environment Protection Agencies and state governments – for councils to reduce the volume of waste disposed in landfill sites. As a result, councils have put their full support into increasing recycling efforts for glass, paper, plastic and cardboard.

For the most economical processing and collection of waste, councils will commonly use Waste Initiatives’ balers, shredders, compactors, glass crushers, infeed conveyors, trommels and screens.


Related Equipment

  • Heavy-duty waste balers – optimise commodity value & reduce transport costs
  • Horizontal balers – maximise commodity value & produce high-density bales for efficient transportation
  • Shredders – pre-sizing of material for sorting
  • Transfer compactors – maximise bin payloads at transfer stations
  • Glass crushers – turn glass into aggregate or sand
  • Infeed conveyors & picking lines – sort waste streams
  • Trommel & screens – for council Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF) to sift through fines

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