Medical/Sterile Waste

Holding a range of waste processing options for medical waste, we are frequently approached by medical facilities for advice and processing solutions for medical waste disposal. Many surgeries, hospitals and laboratories have internal waste treatment systems to both reduce the volume of the medical waste leaving the site and for decontamination of infectious waste so that it can be disposed of safely. If you are in the process of evaluating the best options for your facility, our advice for the best medical waste treatment and disposal methods could be invaluable.

We focus on not only providing the technology to hygienically and ethically dispose of your clinical waste, but also on reduction of your disposal costs.


Related Equipment

  • Shredders – reduce volume & use in packaging applications
  • Compactors – for high-volume waste producers
  • Vertical Balers – optimise commodity value & reduce transport costs

Equipment For Medical/Sterile Waste

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