Finance & Rental

Finance Information

We have a range of finance and rental options to make sure we have a solution that will suit your specific requirements.

Operating Lease

Would you prefer that we own and maintain your waste equipment? If so, Waste Initiatives can offer you fully-serviced lease options.

Short-term Rentals

Waste Initiatives’ rental fleet is available for events, temporary placement or short-term clean-ups.


Do you need to upgrade your existing waste equipment?  Waste Initiatives will be glad to assess and value your used gear and trade it in for new equipment.

Commercial Hire Purchase

If you’d like to acquire your waste equipment with a cashflow-friendly finance option, we have commercial hire purchase plans available between two to five year terms. This means you can hire our equipment with monthly repayments arranged with Waste Initiatives and when you have paid any outstanding hire money, the equipment is yours to keep!

Payment Plans

Under special circumstances, Waste Initiatives will arrange and negotiate a payment plan with you for the short-term bridging finance of your equipment.

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