Construction & Demolition (C&D)

Construction & Demolition Waste is comprised of building materials discarded in development projects or in civil infrastructure works. The majority of the materials in C&D waste can be recovered and recycled with specially designed C&D recycling plant. At Waste Initiatives, we have the expertise and resource to develop a purpose-built C&D recycling system for your individual application. We can tailor a solution to suit any footprint, budget or project criteria and welcome your design & engineering challenges.

Waste Initiatives provide complete waste recycling systems for C&D waste, integrating sorting, shredding, screening, and crushing equipment for materials such as concrete, wood, metals, asphalt, and brick.

CRS Complete recycling systems offer comprehensive solutions for the management of C&D waste. These flexible systems, available in mobile, semi-mobile, and stationary options, ensure optimal extraction of aggregates and separation of recyclable materials. The CRS product range features Static/Mobile Trommels, Static/Mobile Picking Stations, Fines Recovery Systems, Air/Density Separators, along with conveyor systems and steel belt feeders. These systems find application in various settings, including In-line Trommel Plants, Commingled Recycling, FOGO waste processing and C&D Plants. Waste Initiatives’ team are able to offer consultation, site assessment, design and installations to meet your specific requirements.


The CRS Heavy Duty Trommel is a robust and customisable screening solution. Rotating cylindrical screens designed to screen and separate waste based on size, handling high material volumes and sorting them effectively. With durable construction, variable speed control, and various optional features, the CRS Trommel offers versatility and efficiency for all applications.


The customisable Static Picking Stations offer a versatile configuration, featuring up to 9 ergonomic bays, including 6 picking bays, a dedicated metal bay, lights cage, and clean heavies bay. Tailor your station with belt widths ranging from 36” to 60”, benefit from insulated cabins, and consider optional features like magnets and air conditioning to optimise your sorting operations.


Mobile Picking Stations like the CRS-021 are perfect for urban areas with limited space. They can segregate up to 8 materials and are easily set up in 8 minutes aided by remote-controlled hydraulic legs. The enclosed 4 bay unit offers a safe and weather-protected work environment, eliminating height-related risks. Designed to work alongside the CRS-038 Mobile Tracked Screen system.


The Mobile Tracked Screen combines processing and separation tasks into one machine, saving customers on costs and requiring minimal space. It is ideal for confined sites in urban areas. This is designed to work alongside the CRS-021 Mobile Picking Station. Together, these machines create a fully functional Mobile Recycling Facility that can be set up in just 
17 minutes.


Air Master and Air Max are air-based systems for separating waste by weight, effectively isolating lights from heavier materials. Air Master focuses on recovering Trommel Fines, and installed wall-mounted or conveyor. Air Max is a compact heavy duty windsifter for segregating light materials. Both offer optional features such as conveyors, magnetic drums, and support frames to enhance functionality.


Heavy duty hoppers, feeders and conveyors designed for all applications within the processing line and are essential for efficient material handling and transfer in C&D recycling systems.


CRI Static Trommel Fines Recovery Plants separate paper and plastics from aggregate and fine materials. Loading hopper begins breaking up material immediately through a regulating drum, followed by metal recovery via a high powered magnet conveyor. This then feeds through to an ASU, further separating lights from heavier material. Fines are removed with an aggressive flip flow system for even cleaner material.


Waste Initiatives can provide complete waste recycling systems bespoke to your needs, integrating sorting, shredding, screening, and crushing equipment to deliver results and exceed the unique requirements of your C&D plant.

Waste Initiatives leads the way in offering versatile solutions for Construction 
and Demolition (C&D) waste management. Our mobile and stationary systems address diverse processing needs, optimising waste handling with a focus on efficiency and profitability to contribute to a sustainable circular economy. Speak to our equipment specialists today.

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