Half a Dozen Reasons Baling Makes Commercial Sense

If you’re like many businesses, you’ve heard about others baling and compacting their waste, but haven’t really had the time to look into it. Well here it is, we’ve done the work and pulled it together for you. Here are six reasons why other businesses in your industry have started baling and compacting their waste.

  1. It Saves Space

    Unless own half of the Australian outback, warehouse space is at a premium. One of the most ineffective uses of warehouse space is the storage of rubbish. Identifying and compacting your bulky waste streams can reduce the area dedicated to waste disposal by up to 50%.

  2. It Saves You Money

    Waste Disposal is an insidious cost and creeps into every facility managers expenses whether they like it or not. Waste companies charge business based on the volume of the waste they produce. Check your bill – you’ll find the biggest items are m3 and bin rental. Both of these are directly related to how bulky your waste is. If you can compact or bale the waste then less volume = lower waste bills

  3. It Reduces Your Fire Risk

    Lose waste, especially cardboard and plastic, burns better than your annual Guy Fawkes bonfire. Waste compaction expels the air from your waste streams, so that you aren’t paying to cart away air. Getting rid of all that air and tightly baling your waste significantly reduces the flammability of a waste area. Tightly baled cardboard and plastic poses a far smaller fire risk than uncompacted bins or stockpiles of loose waste.

  4. One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

    Your waste is worth money. Yes, you read that right. Rather than paying to dispose of your waste, people are willing to pay you to collect it from you. Recyclable materials such as cardboard and plastic are all in demand and recyclers are willing to pay rebates for your baled, segregated recyclables.

  5. It’s Environmentally Friendly

    Yes, you’ve heard it all before, we live in a world of limited resources etc. etc. But it is actually true, if we send some of our waste to a recycler rather than landfill, that’s a truckload of resources that can be used for your next load of product. Costs of raw materials and production are increasing while recyclable technology is constantly improving. It won’t be long before we are drinking from recycled coffee cups, driving on recycled glass roads and happily using recycled toilet paper.

  6. Containment and Safe Handling

    No foreman wants plastic bags, polystyrene and papers blowing about the factory. Baling your waste contains all the nasties in a single neat, tidy and tightly tied bale. Papers, bags and all manner of waste is kept bound up in the bale or securely contained within the compactor. This leaves you foreman free to chase the projects he needs to rather than a myriad of lose waste blowing round.

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