How to Handle Printing Industry Waste

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Effectively Dealing with Printing Industry Waste

Waste Initiatives helps customers achieve sustainability objectives while reducing operating costs for their business. Here, we look at why waste management equipment in the printing industry is more important now than ever, and how your business will benefit from implementing effective methods of electronic and cardboard recycling.

Waste Disposal in the Printing Industry is a Growing Concern

Focusing on sustainability is a present day concern for all industries because of modern conventions and/or legal requirements. This is a particularly notable issue for the printing industry. By their very nature, printing businesses and copy houses produce a large amount of what are generally considered to be the fundamentals of recyclable materials — cardboard and paper. Factor in other by-products such as electronic waste in the form of ink and toner cartridges, and the pressure on printing businesses to recycle effectively becomes even more crucial.nic and cardboard recycling.

The good news is that there is industry-specific waste management machinery available. This comes in the form of well-researched and versatile solutions able to adapt to the needs of your unique business. These vertical balers, horizontal balers, shredders and other recycling equipment can even turn your problem into profit.

How Recycling Can Boost Printing Industry Profits

The value of reusing typical printing industry by-products can be appreciated both environmentally and financially. This value manifests both indirectly and directly. Through the streamlining of the recycling processes, printing businesses and copy houses can significantly reduce the cubic meterage of their paper and cardboard wastage. Specifically designed cardboard management equipment like state-of-the-art balers help limit the space this material occupies in warehouses. More space for extra balers means fewer collections are necessary, leading to a reduction in overall recycling costs. Additionally, cardboard compacted with balers is a valuable secondary raw material for producing new wood fibre products, thereby generating direct profits.

How Recycling Can Boost Printing Industry Profits

Waste Initiatives understands the difficulties industries face in maintaining appropriate recycling procedures. We also appreciate the challenges in adhering to tightening government regulations. That’s why we have developed a range of ultra-modern equipment to deal with recycling cardboard, and more. Our equipment range includes specially designed balers and shredders to sort and recycle everything from common materials such as cardboard, glass and plastic to more delicate materials such as classified files and electronic waste.

Our horizontal balers and vertical balers vary in size and specifics, ranging from single-phase machines producing bales of around 40kg each up to much larger equipment with bale outputs weighing over a tonne. An example of note is our PS1400 Roto Baler. This machine’s unique feature is its rotating compaction head which rolls and crushes, providing an effective solution to the common problem of cardboard core disposal.

See How it works here: Video: Printing Industry – Cardboard Cores – Waste Recycling Solution

While there are balers suitable for any size of operation, all can be tailored according to your specific needs and are manufactured with safety as the first consideration. The same applies to shredders. The shredders we manufacture can be fast or low-speed and can also be customized to suit your desired application in disposing of cardboard & paper waste.

How Waste Initiatives Can Help You on Your Cardboard Recycling Journey

We are an Australian-owned and operated company with more than 40 years of experience in providing waste management equipment such as balers and shredders. Our people understand the importance of complementing the latest technologies with effectively communicated ideas. This is how we constantly exceed our client’s expectations.

We look forward to helping more printing businesses and copy houses along their recycling journey. Contact us to learn how your business can save on costs while managing expected standards such as dealing with electronic and cardboard waste using balers and shredders.