National Product Stewardship Investment Fund

02nd Feb, 2021

The Government’s new Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence is well underway to reduce waste to landfill. This $20 million National scheme is already considering more than 100 schemes from solar panels to electrical and electronic products, batteries, carpets and mattresses, office furniture, agricultural equipment, vehicles, and entire waste streams such as plastics, carbon fibre composites and the food industry waste.

Product stewardship promotes shared responsibility for the products we use every day such as plastic waste disposal. It is about the industry, the public, and all levels of Government helping to manage these products’ impacts over their whole life, particularly at end-of-life.

These schemes can help to:

• Reduce waste and prevent harmful materials from ending up in landfill

• Increase recycling and the recovery of valuable materials and accelerate a circular economy.

Finding the right solution to these ongoing challenges mostly involves technical insight into how these products get broken up and separated for their future existence. Waste Initiatives can support customers throughout the entire process providing expert advice where is needed.

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