Make way for the WastePac CL Auto-tie Horizontal Baler – the epitome of excellence for paper producers and recycling facilities dealing with massive waste volumes. Engineered with precision to meet your specific needs, this baler is designed for continuous feeding, ensuring a seamless workflow even under extreme production demands.

The CL Series is a true workhorse in high-throughput recycling facilities and paper mills, ideal for handling OCC & ONP applications. Powered by an upgraded 180HP motor, this machine can achieve an astounding production capacity of up to 20-25 tons per hour. Bid farewell to inefficiencies and embrace unparalleled performance.

Unleash the power of the WastePac CL Auto-tie Horizontal Baler as it exerts an impressive pressing force of up to 150 tons, guaranteeing tightly compacted bales every time. No challenge is too great for this robust equipment, which effortlessly handles a wide range of waste materials.

By choosing the WastePac CL Auto-tie Horizontal Baler, you’re not just investing in a superior waste management solution – you’re taking a step towards a greener future. Trust in our expertise and commitment to sustainability as we provide you with innovative tools that revolutionize your recycling efforts.


  • Hardox Bale Chamber
  • CAT3 Electrical Safety
  • Touchscreen HMI
  • Remotely Programmable
  • Wire coil dispensers
  • Raised bale floor for ease of cleaning
  • Interlocked maintenance access doors
  • Wire pusher can be placed on either side
  • Multi-Linkage jaw clamp for denser bales
  • Continuous feed

Optional Extras

  • Feed conveyor
  • De-blocking Ram
  • Newsprint/Paper Fluffers
  • Bin Lifter feeding
  • Vertical wire pusher
  • Vertical & Horizontal ties
  • Bale exit guides
  • Hardox upgrades

Technical Specifications

Height3 204mm
Width4 130mm
Length10 409mm
Weight24T / 25T / 27T
Feed Opening2 400mm x 1 020mm

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CL Series WastePac Auto-tie Horizontal Baler

CL Auto-tie Horizontal Baler

The CL Auto-tie Horizontal Baler is a fantastic performer for high-throughput recycling facilities and paper mills, typically used for OCC & ONP applications.