The CRS customisable Static Picking Stations offer a versatile configuration, featuring up to 9 ergonomic bays, including 6 picking bays, a dedicated metal bay, lights cage, and clean heavies bay. Tailor your station with belt widths ranging from 36” to 60”, benefit from insulated cabins, and consider optional features like magnets and air conditioning to optimise your sorting operations.


  • Typically up to 9 Bays
  • High throughput offering 6 picking bays, 1 metal bay, 1 lights cage & 1 clean heavies bay
  • Belt widths from 36” (900mm) – 60” (1500mm)
  • Ergonomically designed drop boxes for ease of use
  • Chequered plate flooring throughout with rubber mats at pick points
  • Insulated cabin with down draft heaters, lighting & PVC windows and doors

Optional Extras

  • External drop boxes with pneumatic or manual discharge
  • Magnet
  • Blower
  • Feed Hopper
  • Air Conditioning

Sorting Equipment

Sorting equipment streamlines recycling or repurposing by automatically separating items into predetermined groups. A diverse range of equipment can be utilised, including trommel screens, static and mobile picking stations, eddy current separators (ECS), magnet separators, optical sorters, OCC screens, glass breaking/fine screens, air separators/knives for dust extraction.

Automated equipment features integral feeders and computer interfaces connected to the sorter’s control network, all made with durable, corrosion-resistant materials for safety and sanitation. Additionally, commercial hire purchases are available for all sorting equipment products, ensuring tailored solutions for specific needs.

The choice of sorting equipment depends on product specifications, application features, and sorting project scale. Waste Initiatives offers complete sorting solutions from low-throughput sorting lines to high-volume MRFs and downstream processors, designed and produced to meet project goals. Our team collaborates with clients to develop concepts and create comprehensive plans, utilising AutoCAD software for dynamic 3D project models, fabrication, and assembly.

Why choose CRS Complete Recycling Systems?

Discover excellence in waste management with CRS Complete Recycling Systems from Waste Initiatives. Our innovative solutions for managing mixed waste are unmatched, offering mobile, semi-mobile, and stationary options. Prioritising efficiency and sustainability, we extract aggregates and separate recyclable materials with precision using our state-of-the-art product range.

From heavy duty trommels through to fines recovery systems, we provide the tools necessary for effective waste processing in any setting. Whether you’re in need of a turnkey system or seeking to upgrade your existing plant, Waste Initiatives is your trusted partner. Our expertise spans trommel screens, picking stations, magnet separators, air separation technology, and more, guaranteeing customised solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

With a dedicated team of experts in waste management, consultation, and installation, Waste Initiatives is committed to delivering excellence from design to maintenance. Benefit from on-site operating training post-installation and ongoing support as we work together to optimize your sorting project.

Choose Waste Initiatives for unparalleled quality, expertise, and sustainability in waste management, contact us today to discuss your sorting project needs and experience our installation capabilities firsthand.

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Waste Initiatives brings you our customisable CRS Static Picking Stations, featuring up to 6 picking bays, perfect for C&D, C&I, Municipal and FOGO operations.

Static Picking Stations

The customisable Static Picking Stations offer a versatile configuration, featuring up to 9 ergonomic bays, including 6 picking bays, a dedicated metal bay, lights cage, and clean heavies bay. Enclosed and insulated cabins, with optional features like air conditioning, external drop boxes with pneumatic or manual discharge, and feed hoppers to maximise your sorting operations.