Dual Shaft Shredders

Slow-speed shredders for heavy duty size reduction. Particle size determined by width of the cutters and output at undetermined lengths. Can be used in principle size-reduction application where output sizes are not critical – ideal applications include abbatoirs, tyres & E-scrap.

  • WasteQuip GL2140

    Compact Industrial Shredder for product destruction, shredding up to 400kg/hr, with customizable rotating screen and optional hydraulic pusher for efficiency.

  • WasteQuip GL2180

    Dual Shaft Shredder for E-Waste, plastics, timber, tyres, and MSW, with 20mm cutters and optional hydraulic drive for enhanced torque.

  • WasteQuip GL32120

    Industrial Tyre Shredder for recycling centers and production facilities, with customisable features like a hydraulic pusher and drive system for increased speed and throughput.

  • WasteQuip GL40130

    Large Car Bumper Shredder with two 45kW motors, thick cutters, and options for blade types and VSD for optimal shredding performance.

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