Stationary Compactors

Harness exceptional compression power through a selection of reliable Stationary Compactors. View the range of additional components, designed to further streamline your waste management.

  • SC1000

    The WastePac SC1000 is a compact high-performance static compactor. Designed for space and mobility, the overall size of the machine fits inside a standard car parking space, taking up little space onsite. With an optional feature of a castor wheel integrated base, allows for ease of transport and time saving with container changes.

  • Single Auger Compactor

    For continuous loading and for sites with a tight footprint, our Single Auger Compactor is a great solution. This machine packs fantastic bin weights in cardboard applications. It is suitable for use in various waste streams like cardboard and wet/sticky waste types.

  • Twin Auger Compactor

    Our high-force Twin Auger Compactor is designed for heavy-duty industrial applications such as the disposal of timber pallets.

  • SC2500

    The WastePac SC2500 Compactor is commonly used in industrial applications and is ideally suited for large retailers and industrial sites as it is capable of accepting large feed material sizes with its large blade face.

  • SS2500 Short

    A small footprint compactor suited to processing of dry waste material in tight-footprint applications. Commonly used in docks where space is at a premium and is often configured to be fed over the rear.

  • SC3000 Stationary Compactor

    With its low profile packing blade and high compaction force, the SC3000 waste compactor achieves high bin payloads to minimise the number of bin transfers you require.

  • SC3500

    Designed for larger industrial sites producing extra-large waste material like boxes, crates & furniture items or packaging, our SC3500 industrial waste compactor is capable of dealing with the toughest applications.

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