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Thanks to the GP-Mini, we can now recycle 100% of all type of glass we collect or glass debris we generate from our site without major efforts as it separates corks, lids and labels from the glass and produce a nearly debris free sand – gravel without sharp edges.

Jean Vezina | CEO


Caltech Construction specialises in providing diverse services to support the construction, environmental, marine and oil and gas sectors.

The CEO Jean Vezina approached Waste Initiatives to explore the concept of turning recycled glass into sand that can be used in
their plastic recycled pavers. It will help Timor-Leste with its recycling challenges, create new jobs, and streamline Caltech’s plastic paving manufacturing process.

The Waste Initiatives team consulted with Jean and worked out the best business case for a glass breaking system. Their goal is to reduce the amount of waste we send to the landfill by 70% within five years.


Waste Initiatives proposed their entry-level glass pulveriser, the GP-Mini, that produces an aggregate and sand mix and separates corks, lids and labels.

The unit has a relatively small footprint and has a throughput of up to 1.5m3/hr on whole and broken glass.

Jean says: “The unit is simple to operate, reliable and requires minimum maintenance. We now use the glass sand-gravel generated as pipe bedding on our site or as sand in our plastic sand pavers.”

“With this technology available, I do not see any reason to dispose of glass into landfill!”

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