C&D Waste Recovery Plant

Legacy Park

Mid North Coast NSW

Our long-standing partnership with Waste Initiatives ensures an efficient C&D recovery plant backed up with local support and parts.

Erin Matthews | CEO of Legacy Solutions Group

Problem: C&D waste in the Mid North Coast Region, NSW

Legacy Park, located on the Mid North Coast of NSW, aimed to establish a Closed Circular Economy in the region to mitigate the impact of construction and demolition (C&D) waste on landfills. With approximately 250,000 tons of C&D waste generated annually in the region. Legacy Park faced the daunting task of reducing landfill diversion by over 90%. Working closely with six local councils, Legacy Park sought to develop its 60-acre site to accommodate various waste product lines, creating a new economic ecosystem while minimising environmental impact. However, the challenges of effectively managing diverse waste streams, maximising resource recovery, and overcoming ecological factors posed significant hurdles.

Solution: A legacy was born

To address Legacy Park’s complex requirements, Waste Initiatives designed and installed a customised waste management plant. Recognising the need for a solution that could withstand outdoor conditions and accommodate diverse waste streams, Waste Initiatives collaborated closely with Legacy Park. Their expertise in static and mobile C&D plants ensured the implementation of a system tailored to Legacy Park’s site and operational needs. The facility’s picking station is equipped with the capacity for 24 pickers, targeting the recovery of various materials, including treated timber, natural timber, gyprock, steel, hard waste, plastics, -10 bedding sand and -40 Aggregate.

Moreover, Waste Initiatives provides ongoing support and spare parts, underscoring their commitment to a long-term partnership. By leveraging their experience and innovative solutions, Waste Initiatives facilitates Legacy Park’s journey towards sustainable waste management practices and the realisation of their 20-year vision for a Closed Circular Economy.

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