C&D Picking Line

Revert Group

Melbourne VIC

The Waste Initiatives installation team was fantastic, ensuring that they mobilised the site efficiently and safely.

Paul Rosenberg Vella | Director and Co-Founder

Problem: Inadequate segregation of C&I/C&D waste

Revert Group, a company specialising in the fit-out and refurbishment sector of commercial and industrial waste (C&I), faced a critical challenge in efficiently managing their waste streams at their facility in Brooklyn, Victoria. With a diverse range of materials generated from their operations, including construction and demolition (C&D) waste, they struggled to segregate and recycle these materials effectively. The lack of a sophisticated sorting system led to inefficiencies in their operations and resulted in a significant portion of waste being sent to landfill, contrary to their sustainability goals.

Solution: Installation of a commercial and industrial waste sorting line

Waste Initiatives addressed Revert Group’s challenges by installing a customised C&I/C&D sorting line, enabling the segregation of 16 types of waste materials. This tailored solution facilitated Revert Group’s goal of recycling 90% of its waste, significantly reducing its environmental impact and waste disposal costs.

Paul Rosenberg Vella, Director and Co-Founder of Revert Group, praised Waste Initiatives’ hands-on approach, particularly for focusing on safety and dust mitigation. Regular design meetings ensured effective communication and alignment with Revert Group’s recovery objectives. Additionally, Paul appreciated Waste Initiatives’ proactive attitude and commitment to safety during site mobilisation and project execution, which minimised operational risks.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Revert Group and Waste Initiatives exemplifies the successful integration of innovative waste management solutions to address complex challenges in the construction and refurbishment sector, ultimately leading to enhanced efficiency and sustainability in operations.

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