Sacca’s Fine Foods

Melbourne VIC

We found the techs very knowledgable training provided was easy to understand and after sales service has been fantastic!

Chris Taylor | Operations Manager

Problem: High Maintenance Costs and Inefficiency

Chris Taylor, the Operations Manager at Sacca’s Fine Foods, faced a significant challenge related to the high volume of cardboard waste the business generates – approximately 6 tons per week per store. The use of older compactors proved problematic, as they frequently broke down, leading to increased preventative maintenance costs. This issue not only affected operational efficiency but also imposed financial burdens on the company.

Solution: Implementing H&G Screw Auger Systems from Waste Initiatives

In search of a reliable and cost-effective waste solution, Sacca’s Fine Foods sought Waste Initiatives’ expertise. The H&G Screw Auger System emerged as a promising choice, offering greater control over waste management and providing a lucrative cardboard rebate due to its diversion from landfills. With its exceptional volume capacity, the screw auger system not only substantially reduced other waste-related expenses but also yielded a commendable return on investment.

Sacca’s Fine Foods experienced a positive transformation with the H&G auger systems. These systems offered reliability, lower maintenance costs than older compactors, and an improved user-friendly experience.

After installing three compactors at three stores, Chris and his team have been highly satisfied with Waste Initiatives. Their contentment stemmed from excellent performance, exemplary service, knowledgeable technicians, and seamless training.

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