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Slade Health

Mount Kuring-Gai NSW

Our equipment saves time, is more tidy and cost effective than traditional waste management options.

Braeden O’Grady | Facilities and Maintenance


Slade Health has been providing exceptional services to the hospital, pharmacy and aged care sectors for over 50 years. From three licensed facilities, they compound many thousands of infusions per annum for over 200 hospitals located across all Australian states.

Slade Health was experiencing a steady increase in volumes of cardboard and general waste through the growth of their business, which lead to more bins on site taking up excessive real estate and losing car parking as a result.

Waste Initiatives was engaged to provide a more cost-efficient and space saving alternative to their bulky and expensive waste management system.


After several meetings and site assessments, Waste Initiatives supplied and commissioned two Compactors for the site and delivered significant savings in both space and waste overhead for Slade.

Waste Initiatives were also able to successfully secure an EPA Bin Trim Rebate for the business, fast-tracking the Return-On-Investment for the compactors.

The compactors have proven themselves in achieving high payloads on minimal footprint across cardboard and general waste streams and this particular installation will pay for itself many times over whilst keeping the site tidy and safe.

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