WastePac Horizontal Baler Semi Automatic Australia

Tru Blu Beverages

Condell Park NSW

Our equipment saves time, is more tidy and cost effective than traditional waste management options.

Braeden O’Grady | Facilities and Maintenance


Tru Blu Beverages is the largest manufacturer of contract-packed beverages sold through Australian supermarkets.

In 2019 an Australian beverage manufacturing and distribution company in Sydney were looking for a way to recycle their rejected bottles which still contained the beverage inside the plastic bottle.

The extraction of the liquid and compacting the plastic bottles to be ready for recycling collection was the companies main focus for their inquiry.


Waste Initiatives found the solution by custom building an Automatic De-Watering and Bailing System which automatically de-waters and bales the PET bottles into a compact bale, minimising waste and post production time.

The overall investment into this system will reduce waste collection costs whilst also increasing efficiency in the day to day running of the business with less manual handling.

The company had planned for a 2 year payback for the system and have mentioned that it is now looking at under 18 months.

WastePac Horizontal Baler Semi Automatic Australia

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