How Construction & Demolition Recycling Can Help You

Construciton and Demolition

A focus on sustainability while reducing costs is achievable with the help of Waste Initiatives. Here, we look at why construction and demolition waste management are more relevant now than ever, illustrated by a case study as an example of how we can help you.

Why C&D Recycling Matters Now More Than Ever

The pressure on industries to consider sustainability is on the increase. A shift towards sustainability means the ability to recycle construction and demolition waste is an important focus. With a current resource recovery rate of between 20 and 30 per cent, Australia is looking to reach a national target of 80 per cent. Grants and subsidies have become available as the Government increases efforts to develop more effective markets for materials derived or diverted from construction and demolition waste.

 C&D recycling offers those involved in civil infrastructure or development projects a sustainable solution. Only a fraction of discarded building material is currently being recycled however, most materials can be reused with the help of a purpose-built recycling plant. A tailored solution will help with most types of demolition and building rubble recycling ensuring you can keep up with the push towards sustainability.

Rowcon: A C&D Recycling Case Study

 At Waste Initiatives, we welcome the engineering challenges of providing solutions to suit any footprint. In 2022, we were commissioned to set up a recycling plant for Rowcon, one of the Sunshine Coast’s largest privately-owned civil construction material suppliers and recyclers. They wanted us to help them achieve a product clean enough to recycle into aggregate materials, road base and other usages.

Waste Initiatives employed the latest technology to construct a plant with a sizeable footprint of more than 53 metres by 26 metres. Among the most advanced of its kind in Queensland, the plant has “a processing capacity of 50 tonnes per hour of mixed C&D, which equates to about 120,000 tonnes per annum, within standard operating hours,” says Equipment Projects specialist, Jason Sargeant.

The recycling plant includes a heavy-duty feed hopper and conveyor, affording a loading area that can accommodate a full loader bucket of recycling material. In addition, a long separator negates the need for manual sorting of larger pieces of recyclables. A further innovation was incorporated in the form of a two-deck vibratory screen using FlipFlow technology. “When material lands on the screen it cascades to two screens. Anything 10mm plus comes off the top while anything below 10mm falls through to a fines bunker underneath. Midsize material is carried onto another conveyor,” explains Jason.  

Rowcon ultimately reported a very clean product ready for various usages. Already recycling some of its waste, Rowcon can now lead the way in its shift towards increasing the use of recycled materials by significantly expanding its capabilities. This was achieved through the design, implementation, and ongoing support from Waste Initiatives.

Business Opportunities Created by C&D Recycling

The value of construction and demolition recycling can be appreciated both environmentally and financially. It has long been typical that materials are only accepted if they are very clean. To stop waste from ending up in landfill, the challenge has been to make the separation of materials a viable enough exercise so as not to be rejected. Now, vibratory screening and density separation technologies ensure this challenge is more easily overcome. This allows the segregation of more materials and dramatically increases output without having to drive up prices and risk not being competitive.

Construction and demolition recycling is a fast-growing market. Beyond the typical waste streams like paper and plastics, we offer waste management machinery that provides access to other waste streams resulting from recycling gyprock, wood, metals, masonry and more.

How Waste Initiatives Can Help You

Waste Initiatives adopts a comprehensive approach to construction and demolition recycling. We offer solutions in the form of design, equipment, and ongoing support to help you achieve your goals across a wide spectrum of demolition and building rubble recycling.

We are an Australian-owned and operated company with more than 40 years of experience in providing waste management equipment to all parts of the country. A focus on the latest industry technologies coupled with the ability to effectively communicate ideas and understanding continues to exceed our client’s expectations.

We look forward to helping you along your C&D recycling journey. Contact us to learn how we can help you maintain industry standards on sustainability while continuing to save on costs.