Olnova 95 Series Mobile Shredder

The Olnova 95 Series primary mobile shredders with advanced features and customisable options, are perfect for processing various materials efficiently and reliably.

Exceptional engineering from Olnova brings you the 95 Series mobile shredder, standing as the pinnacle of the highest performance and versatility.

Offering an impressive blend of power and capacity, these primary shredders effortlessly handle a diverse range of waste materials with ease, including industrial, bulky, municipal, wood, C&D, paper rolls, tyres, railway sleepers, telephone poles, wind turbine blades and car bodies.


The 95 Series shredders reliably achieve outstanding performance, boasting a capacity of up to a staggering 200 tons per hour (depending on material), are equipped with modern diesel or electric engines, and can be made in both stationary and mobile tracked versions;


– Mobile (VB 95 DK): Equipped with tracks and a mighty 760/566 hp/kW diesel engine, providing mobility and muscle.


– Stationary (VB 95 D): Also boasting the 760/566 hp/kW diesel engine, this model offers variance and stability.


– Stationary (VB 95 E): Powered by two outstanding 335/250 hp/kW electric motors, ensuring consistent performance.


Crafted to facilitate recycling on the go, this primary shredder stands out for its efficiency and versatility and is well suited for primary shredding for demanding waste processing applications.


  • Remote control
  • Durable shredding parts
  • Capacity up to 200 T/h (depends on material)
  • Hydraulic discharge conveyor
  • Tracked for mobility
  • Reverse shafts mode to prevent blockages
  • ESD System

Optional Extras

  • Overbelt Magnet
  • Water Sprinkling System
  • Reversible Fans for radiator cleaning
  • Additional Conveyors
  • Current generator (for the VB 95 E)
  • Optional Diverse and Waste Shafts
  • Sieve systems for material separation
  • Industry 4.0 module for remote performance analysis, feedback and troubleshooting worldwide

Technical Specifications

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The German-engineered Olnova 95 Series primary shredders excel in processing a diverse range of materials, boasting advanced features, customisable options, and optional Industry 4.0 module for remote performance analysis.

Olnova 95 Series Mobile Shredder

The 95 Series Olnova mobile shredder demonstrates the pinnacle of power and capacity within the range. Designed to tackle an extensive range of waste materials including industrial waste, tyres, bulky waste, C&D waste and car bodies, these primary shredders redefine performance standards. Equipped with modern diesel or electric engines, our shredders guarantee unmatched efficiency and reliability, whether configured as tracked mobile or stationary.