• Super 40

    Low-capacity horizontal baler suitable for industrial and logistics companies.

  • Super 75

    Mid-sized automatic baler with a throughput of up to 4T/hour.

  • Super 90 Automatic

    A high-throughput automatic baler with large apertures to accept bulky feed materials without “bridging” in the hopper.

  • Super 100 Automatic

    With upgrade options to facilitate baling in excess of 10T/hr, this high-performance channel baler does it all.

  • Super 125 Automatic

    One of our most powerful horizontal balers, the automatic Super125 channel press is the workhorse of large recycling facilities, ensuring consistent high production and optimum bale density.

  • Super 150 Automatic

    The Super150 is a fantastic performer for high-throughput recycling facilities and paper mills, typically used for OCC & ONP applications

  • Super 190 Automatic

    The largest baler in our range, the Super190 is the MOAB (Mother Of All Balers)! For only the highest volume processors, this channel baler is extremely heavily-built for long-term high performance.

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