• Super 40

    Low-capacity horizontal baler suitable for industrial and logistics companies.

  • Super 75

    Mid-sized automatic baler with a throughput of up to 4T/hour.

  • Super 90 Automatic

    A high-throughput automatic baler with large apertures to accept bulky feed materials without “bridging” in the hopper.

  • Super 100 Automatic

    With upgrade options to facilitate baling in excess of 10T/hr, this high-performance channel baler does it all.

  • Super 125 Automatic

    One of our most powerful horizontal balers, the automatic Super 125 channel press is the workhorse of large recycling facilities, ensuring consistent high production and optimum bale density.

  • Super 150 Automatic

    The Super 150 is a fantastic performer for high-throughput recycling facilities and paper mills, typically used for OCC & ONP applications

  • Super 190 Automatic

    The largest baler in our range, the Super 125 is the MOAB (Mother Of All Balers)! For only the highest volume processors, this channel baler is extremely heavily-built for long-term high performance.

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