Single Shaft Shredders

High-volume shredders with sized output determined by perforated screen size. Often used in the plastic industry for in-house recycling through to waste processors shredding MSW and Waste-to-Energy plants. Rugged and reliable, these machines are available with high or low-speed configuration depending on processing material.

  • WasteQuip WT2260

    Compact Small E-Waste Shredder with hydraulic power pack, hardened steel blades, and customisable rotors for efficient electronics and document processing.

  • WasteQuip WT3080

    Single Shaft Shredder for shredding 500kgs/hour of recyclables, with three rotor options for materials like plastics, wood, and film waste.

  • WasteQuip WT40120

    Heavy Duty Shredder for 1200kgs/hour of tough materials, with a large chamber and optional vertical force-feeding ram.

  • WasteQuip WT4080

    Single Shaft Timber Shredder for sturdy metal waste, featuring a large opening, optional force-feeding ram, and shock absorbers for enhanced performance.

  • WasteQuip WT48200

    Industrial Waste Shredder for diverse recyclables, with efficient, rotatable cutters and customizable rotor options for economical operation.

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