Roll Packers

Roll Packers utilise a rolling drum or wheel to compact waste. This rolling action effectively crushes and compacts the waste within a container or compaction chamber. Many businesses value them for their manoeuvrability and high waste density levels.

  • Bergmann RP7700

    Meet the Bergmann RP7700 Roll Packer - our favourite solution for the compaction of bulky waste like timber pallets and crates. Designed for compaction inside open-top skip bins, the RP7700 is extremely user-friendly and is very economical to operate.

  • Bergmann RPM7700

    This Bergmann RPM7700 Mobile Roll Packer is commonly used in saw-tooth transfer stations to achieve high bin weights, this unit is self-propelled and can even be used for the moving of skip bins on site.

  • Bergmann RPV7700

    The Bergmann RPV7700 Roll Packer is suitable for large industrial sites where multiple bins need to be compacted. Traversing on a rail length, this Roller Packer can be configured for use on up to 10 bins in parallel.

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