If it works for you, why not share it with your mates?

As a valued customer, you’re probably on this page because you’re satisfied with your waste equipment and the service we offer.

Instead of spending too much money on Google ad campaigns, we’d rather invest back into our clients using referrals to spread the word. This way, it’s three times the win for all.

Your friend will benefit from similar waste solutions and cost savings as you did. In addition, we’ll be able to serve a new customer, and as for you, we’ll offer the following reward:

For every successful sale on any capital equipment, you’ll receive a $350 prize of your choice. Need a pair of Bose earbuds, a Swag for the outdoors or a Nespresso machine to get you going; you name it!

Please feel free to refer as many of your friends that might need waste or recycling solutions and specify their business story.

PS. Please keep the link to this page to yourself. We’re highly protective of our referral-based business and only share this pathway with those we know are ideal partners. Appreciate it!

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