Four Shaft Shredders

Four Shaft shear type shredders have a perforated screen attached, which determines the product size exiting the shredder. The second two sets of cutters on the side shafts return any product unable to fit through the perforations in the screen back to the cutting chamber for reshredding. Product exiting a four shaft shredder is determined by the cutter width and the holes (perforations) in the screen. Four shaft shredders are fed vertically.

  • WasteQuip FS100120

    Powerful Four Shaft Industrial Shredder for tyre, timber, medical, and e-waste. Customizable blades, 1T/hr throughput.

  • WasteQuip FS10080

    Efficient Metal Shredder with smart cutter system to prevent jamming. Minimizes noise, high torque, customizable.

  • WasteQuip FS8080

    Innovative Four Shaft Shredder with multiple operations in one pass. Most cutters in FS range, customisable for effective waste processing.

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