Barclay Primary Tyre Shredder

The Barclay Primary Tyre Shredder is considered to be the “workhorse” of the tyre recycling industry. Designed to take whole tyres as large as 72 inches (1829 mm) in diameter, the Barclay Primary Tyre shredder cleanly shear high volumes of scrap tyres into strips in just seconds. Available in both side-feed, 45 degree angle and top-feed configurations, our Primary Shredders can create strip sizes from the popular 4.9″ (124 mm) up to 10″ (254 mm).


– Precision Blades: Barclay’s replacement blades are crafted precisely from premium materials like Cru-Wear tool steel and Modified A8, ensuring efficient tyre cutting and durability.


– Quality Bases: Barclay’s modular replacement bases are made with precision from AISI D-2 tool steel, providing optimal performance and longevity. Choosing genuine Barclay OEM parts ensures superior value.


– Rotating Strippers: Ensure smooth material flow, preventing blockages and eliminating the need for wear plate replacements.


– Heavy Duty Chains with Adjustable Tensioners: Easy chain tension adjustment minimises shredding downtime.


– C-Faced Motor and Gearbox with Drive Train Protection: Protects shredders from shock loading, enhancing durability.


– User-Friendly Controls Fully wired and ready for connection, with simple controls and a large emergency stop button for safety.

Overall, Barclay’s shredders offer efficient operation, easy maintenance, and robust safety features.


  • Ready for quick connection Fully wired, simple controls, large emergency stop button.
  • Couplers with shear pins designed for bulk loading to protect the drive train.
  • Continuosly rotating strippers that clear debris to prevent blockages.
  • Chain-driven feeding rollers with torque limiting clutch.
  • 75 hp motor and gearbox with shear pin protection.
  • Easy-to-use controls with emergency stop button.
  • Durable Cru-wear tool steel knives that last up to 10,000 ton throughput, optional

Optional Extras

  • Through-feed (side load), 45° angle or top-load configurations.
  • Cut spacing from 4.9” sizing to 10”.
  • Optional in-feed and out-feed conveyors.
  • Add-on classifier and secondary shredder for a complete tyre TDF 150 mm shredding system.


Barclay Shredders

Waste Initiatives are proud to offer the Barclay Shredder range of equipment exclusively, as the sole Australian Distributors.

With over 25 years of industry expertise, Barclay has earned a reputation for manufacturing the toughest, most durable, and most efficient tyre shredding machines on the market. Their shredders are engineered to handle high volumes of tyres with minimal maintenance, resulting in operational efficiencies that surpass other machines. What sets Barclay apart is their commitment to delivering the lowest total cost of ownership.
Barclay offers a comprehensive range of tyre recycling equipment, designed to streamline the tyre shredding process.
– The Barclay Primary Shredder swiftly shears large quantities of scrap tyres into strips, facilitating efficient processing.
– The Barclay Secondary Shredder takes pre-processed tyres and shred them down into smaller chips. Barclay Secondary Shredders are configurable and capable of creating the following chip sizes – 1.4″ wide tyre shreds (model 1.4S), 2.0″ wide tyre shreds (model 2.0S), 3.6″ wide tyre shreds (model 3.6S)
– The Barclay 6″ Classifer, adaptable to 2” and 4” sizes, complements the 4.9” Primary Shredder and Conveyors. With a 50 ft2 (4.6 m2) screening area and a 5 hp 3-phase motor, it economically processes 16 tons of material per hour. Heavy-duty shafts and abrasion-resistant discs maximize uptime and minimise maintenance.

Why choose Barclay?

 Lowest cost per ton to BUY

 Lowest cost per ton to OPERATE

 Lowest cost per ton to MAINTAIN

Barclay’s Replacement Blades are crafted to exact tolerances, offering options like Cru-Wear Material for enhanced toughness and durability, or Modified A8 Blades for a balance of performance and cost-effectiveness. Precision crafting ensures efficient tyre cutting, reducing wear and tear, and energy consumption, and providing consistent tyre chips.
Moreover, Barclay’s Replacement Bases are precision-built from tool steel, ensuring the best fit, longest wear, and superior value for investment. Purchasing genuine Barclay OEM parts guarantees optimal performance and cost-effectiveness in the long run.
Contact our team today to discuss your needs for tyre recycling systems and find out how we can help turn your waste into riches through solutions that are both economical and environmental.

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The Barclay Primary Tyre Shredder, a “workhorse” in tyre shredding equipment, efficiently processes whole tyres up to 72 inches in diameter into strips from 4.9 (124mm) up to 10 inches (254 mm) strips within seconds.

Barclay Primary Tyre Shredder

The Barclay Primary Tyre Shredder, a "workhorse" in tyre shredding equipment, efficiently processes whole tyres up to 72" in diameter into strips from 4.9" (124mm) up to 10" (254 mm) strips within seconds.

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    • Barclay Primary Tyre Shredder

      The Barclay Primary Tyre Shredder, a "workhorse" in tyre shredding equipment, efficiently processes whole tyres up to 72" in diameter into strips from 4.9" (124mm) up to 10" (254 mm) strips within seconds.

    • Barclay Secondary Tyre Shredder

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